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August 2021 Garden Gazette Newsletter

For a printable version of the August 2021 Garden Gazette Newsletter (which includes all content as listed below), click here.

AUGUST 2021 Garden Gazette Newsletter - all info below

circle with hearts with welcome back we missed youWelcome Back! We Missed You.


  • The Senior Center Will Open August 2, 2021.
  • Hot lunches will be served in the dining room Monday thru Friday for dining room consumption.
  • Drop off documents and rent in the black box at the front of the office. Monday thru Thursday 8:00am to 4:00pm
  • Pest control will be doing outside treatments in August.

MAINTENANCE: 205-808-4177

Nita Clark - Property Manager, Ext. 1102
Tammy Womble - Asst. Property Manager, Ext. 1104
Deborah Butler-Service Coordinator, Ext. 1105
Annie Thomas - Senior Center Manager, Ext. 1108
Mike Lansford, Ext. 1284

Be sure your correct address is on the check or money order, to ensure the payment is posted to the correct account.

Try not to wrinkle, fold or tear payment, in any way. If the scanner can't read the document, it can't be deposited, and you will be asked to resubmit the payment.

illustration of a smoke alarmGlobal Fire and Sprinklers, LLC will be on property, over the next few weeks, working on the smoke alarms and the smoke alarm wiring.

balls with one letter on each to spell out BINGOCome join us. Play bingo for prizes on Aug.9th and Aug.27th. Bingo will be in the Center's dining room at 9:30am.

Come join Glenda Kimbrell, in the craft room, Aug. 2nd for a welcome back party, snacks will be served - 10:00am.

United Healthcare
Carolyn Crawford, agent for United Healthcare, will be in our Center dining room on Aug. 4th. She will speak on Medicaid and Medicare and answer any questions you may have - 10:00am.

To All Medicare Residents
Oak Street Health invites you to a brunch and learn on August 11th at 10:00am in the dining room. Come see what Oak Street Health has to offer!! Look forward to seeing you.

illustration of the holy bibleBible Study/True Vines Ministries Will Meet in the Dining Room
Beginning: August 12th at 2:00pm
(Every Thursday at 2:00pm)

Please put all trash items inside the dumpster.
Trash must be bagged.

If a dumpster is full use another one on the property. Do not leave items on or around the outside of any dumpster. If you have large items, from your apartment, that need to be disposed of put them on the curb, near your apartment, and maintenance will pick up, when time allows.

Close the lid and/or doors after use.
No digging or scavenging in the dumpsters.

illustration of telephone Calling All Volunteers
The Senior Center is in need of a receptionist.
Anyone interested in working a few hours a day contact Tammy at 205-841-5032, ext. 1104

We are accepting applications for a kitchen aide.
(10 - 15 hours per week)
Call Tammy for details. (205-841-5032, Ext. 1104)

Welcome Luretta!
Come meet Luretta, (The new bus driver)
Monday, August 2nd at 10:00am.

Lunches are provided by United Way Area Agency on Aging. Donations, in any amount, are appreciated but not required. This is a nutrition program and not something you may "show up" to occasionally. Regular participation is required to receive hot, congregate, meals.

The food items, drinks, flatware and cups that are provided by United Way Area Agency are the only items allowed in the dining room. NO EXCEPTIONS. Condiments are allowed as long as they are store bought and labeled.

No one under the age of 60 years of age (unless it is a resident) is allowed to be present during lunch or participate in any other activity held at the Center during business hours. This includes children.

Policy on Foods Taken Away from the Center

Participants receiving a congregate meal shall be allowed to take home fresh fruit, unopened cartons of fruit juice; wrapped cakes, cookies and snack cakes, individually wrapped portions of corn chips or potato chips. All other leftover foods shall be discarded at the end of the serving day.

**Take only one serving of milk, juice, fruit, snack cakes & cookies with your meal. If there are leftover items, after everyone is served, you may help yourself to one additional serving. The milk must be consumed at the center.

If you would like to purchase an additional meal after everyone is served, they are available for $3.56.

Hot lunches are ordered based on the number of people that support the center regularly and are served at 11:30, on a first come, first serve basis. The lunch tickets are limited to the number of meals ordered for any given day. Be sure to sign in daily by 10:30 to get yours before they're all gone. You must sign in and have a ticket to receive a meal. Please do not sign other people on the meal list unless they are in the building. We cannot hold meals for people who have a ticket and are not present at the time lunch is served. No lunches will be served after 12:00 noon.

If, for some unforeseen reason, GA Foods is unable to provide food or the food is delivered and doesn't meet temperature requirements, we will provide a hot lunch from another source. Lunches will be provided, under these circumstances, to anyone signed up by 10:30 am.

**If you receive frozen meals at your apartment, you are not eligible to receive the hot congregate meals served at the Center Dining Room. (Based on guidelines of United Way Area Agency on Aging)

GAZETTE AUGUST 2021 calendar - info below

August 2021 Calendar

  • August 2 - Senior Center Re-Opens, 10:00am Ceramics
  • August 3 - Pest Control/Outside
  • August 4 - 10:00am Ceramics, 10:00am United Healthcare
  • August 6 - Office Closed/Dining Room Open 9am-1pm
  • August 9 - 9:30am BINGO, 10:00am Ceramics
  • August 10 - Pest Control/Outside, 12:15pm Target Mall/Dollar Tree
  • August 11 - 10:00am Ceramics, 10:00am Oak Street Health
  • August 12 - 9:30am Exercise Video, 12:15pm Thrift Store/Aldi, 2:00pm True Vines Ministries
  • August 13 - Office Closed/Dining Room Open 9am-1pm
  • August 16 - 9:30am Exercise Video, 10:00am Ceramics
  • August 17 - Pest Control/Outside, 12:15pm Flea Mall/Dollar General
  • August 18 - 9:30 Movie/ Blind Side, 10:00am Ceramics
  • August 19 - 12:15pm - Wal-Mart/Dollar Tree, 2:00pm True Vine Ministries
  • August 20 - Office Closed/Dining Room Open 9am-1pm
  • August 23 - 10:00am Ceramics
  • August 24 - Pest Control/Outside, 12:15pm Aldi/Dollar General
  • August 25 - 10:00am Ceramics
  • August 26 - 12:15pm Family Dollar/Food Outlet, 2:00pm True Vine Ministries
  • August 27 - Office Closed/Dining Room Open 9am-1pm
  • August 30 - 10:00am Ceramics
  • August 31 - Pest Control/Outside, 12:15pm Dollar Tree/Dollar General/Aldi