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Annual PHA Plan

JCHA’s Annual Plan provides details about the Housing Authority’s current programs and the resident population served, as well as our strategy for addressing the housing needs of current residents.

To ensure public participation in the process, the Plan, including attachments and supporting documents are available for inspection by the public during normal business hours at the JCHA office. Some additional documents are available online in the Annual Plan subpages.  

The PHA Plan serves as a strategic planning tool and provides an annual opportunity to determine the role of the Housing Authority in the Jefferson County area for today and in future years.

Housing Authorities are required to establish a Resident Advisory Board (RAB) whose membership consists of individuals who reflect and represent residents assisted by the Housing Authority. The RAB represents the residents and voices their concerns regarding their housing units and neighborhoods. Through the RAB, residents can ensure their needs are being addressed and become more involved in issues that directly affect them. RAB recommendations are included in the Annual Plan documentation.

AL-086 (Jefferson County, AL) Annual Agency Plan files for FY beginning 1-1-2022