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Comments of Resident Advisory Board

Attachment F

Jefferson County Housing Authority

Annual Agency Plan
Fiscal Year 01/01/2022 -12/31/2022

Resident Advisory Board Meeting Summary and Resident Comments

The Resident Advisory meeting for the Annual Plan Submission and the Capital Fund 5-Year Plan (2022-2026) was held in the Jefferson County Housing Authority's Board Room at 10:36 a.m.

Executive Director Ken Vaughan called the meeting to order. AMP manager Steven Cottrell opened the meeting with a prayer. E.D. Ken Vaughan thanked the tenants and managers for their attendance. He stated that each year, we do an Annual Plan, which is a HUD requirement. We must update our goals and objectives. He stated that the Annual Plan informs HUD what the Housing Authority plans are for the next year. He explained that a copy of the Annual Plan and Capital Fund 5-Year Program was on the table in front to them. He then gave a brief review of them.

Discussed Items

During the meeting the Warrior residents mentioned treating where they live as a community and asked about organizing community meetings and doing wellness checks on their elderly neighbors. The Warrior residents were complimentary of what AMP manager Steven Cottrell does for their community. E.D. Ken Vaughan shared the positive responses that have been received from the camera security system that were installed in all of the communities. He mentioned a semi-annual resident advisory meeting should be considered for next April or May. ED. Ken Vaughan opened-up the meeting to any questions or concerns and he addressed each of them. He covered the items that have been recently completed and what is underway at the various AMPs. Additionally, the items that are scheduled to be done over the next five years were discussed. Additionally, he shared who the residents should contact with any follow up questions and explained that they could contact him directly. The residents agreed with the overall Plan documents, and no further comments were offered The meeting adjourned at 11:23 A.M.


Bessemer Property
Diane Parks (Property Manager)
Quinisha Jones

Fultondale Propertv
LaTrinda Peoples (Property Manager)

Warrior Property
Steven Cottrell (Property Manager)
James Anderson
Karen Elmore
Anekee Sanders
Ronald Smith

JCHA Staff Attendees
Executive Director Ken Vaughan conducted the meeting
Deputy Director, Hannah Gore
Executive Assistant Jamie Fitzwater took the minutes.

Signed Kenneth Vaughan, Executive Director
September 27, 2021