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April 2021 Garden Gazette Newsletter

garden gazette April 2021 - info listed below

(Anyone Entering The Building Is Required To Wear A Mask) 

Monday thru Thursday 8am to 4pm

The Senior Center Update. The Center will remain closed until we are notified, by the State, when to reopen for inside activities and lunch to be served.

Pest control will be doing outside treatments in April.

Drop off documents and rent in the black box at the front of the office.

MAINTENANCE: 205-808-4177


  • Nita Clark, Property Manager - Ext. 1102
  • Tammy Womble, Asst. Property Manager - Ext. 1104
  • Deborah Butler, Service Coordinator - Ext. 1105
  • Annie Thomas, Senior Center Manager - Ext. 1108
  • Mike Lansford - Ext. 1284


Be sure your correct address is on the check or money order, to ensure the payment is posted to the correct account.

Try not to wrinkle, fold or tear payment, in any way. If the scanner can't read the document, it can't be deposited, and you will be asked to resubmit the payment.

smoke alarm

Global Fire and Sprinklers, LLC will be on property, over the next few weeks, working on the smoke alarms and the smoke alarm wiring.

The maintenance staff will wear protective masks and gloves while responding to work order requests at your apartment. The tenant must go to another room while staff is present. If you refuse to follow these instructions maintenance must leave, without completing the work.

This is for your protection and the protection of our staff.

All maintenance requests should be called in to maintenance.


spring cleaning

The grounds and porches will be inspected, periodically, throughout the properties, beginning April 1st.

Excerpts from the Rules and Regulations attachments to your lease are below. To review the entire attachments, refer to your lease.

General Housekeeping Rules and Regulations-Attachment 1
Housekeeping Standards-Outside the Unit

  1. Yards should be free of debris, trash and abandoned cars. Exterior walls should be free of graffiti.
  2. Porches should be clean and free of hazards. Only porch furniture or grills may be stored on the porch.
  3. Steps should be clean and free of hazards.
  4. Sidewalks should be clean and free of hazards
  5. Parking lot should be free of abandoned cars, toys, etc. All cars will be parked in designated areas only.

Summary of Rules and Regulations Concerning Your Unit-Attachment 2

(4) You are responsible for keeping your front and back yards litter free, neat and attractive.

(15) Outdoor furniture is limited to one small table (20 inches or less), two chairs and one potted plant. All outdoor furniture must be designed for outdoor use.

(16) Keep toys, potted plants, outdoor furniture, bicycles, and other items off the grass so the grass may be cut.


(Pfizer) - Administered by Cahaba Medical

Part I of the vaccine will be administered at the Senior Center, this Thursday, April 8, 2021, beginning at 9:00 am.

Part II of the vaccine will be administered on Thursday, April 29, 2021 at 9:00 am. (PLEASE MARK YOUR CALENDAR)

You MUST BE pre-registered. Call Deborah or Tammy at 205-841-5032 to register. If you get voicemail, please leave a message and your call will be returned.

When you arrive on April 8, bring your identification, insurance card and wear a mask. No one will be allowed to enter without a mask. You will be given instructions on where to wait for your vaccine.

If you have received any other vaccination (flu, shingles, etc.) within the past 3 weeks you are NOT eligible to receive the Pfizer vaccine at this time.

If you have already received Part I of any other vaccine at another location, you are NOT eligible to receive Part II of the vaccine at this clinic.

If you need copies of documents for recertification or other programs initiated by our office, please call between 9 & 2 for an appointment.

Our Center is still closed to the public and no one will be admitted without an appointment.

Grass cutting season has started, please remove anything that may be in the way of your yard being maintained, as required. The lawn service is scheduled to cut every other week. You MUST NOT allow anyone else to cut your grass, this is a liability for the property. We have contractors that are licensed and bonded to perform this service.

Tulips in a grassy field