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June 2024 Warrior Calendar

June 2024 Warrior calendar, all information as listed below.

Warrior Courts, Chelsea Gardens, Faucett Homes, Northeast Jefferson Villa, Dixi Manor

Please Mail Payments To: JCHA P.O. Box 677, Warrior, AL 35180

Emergency Maintenance: Call (205) 647-9605.

All JCHA Offices are closed on Fridays.

"True heroism is not the urge to surpass all other at whatever cost, but the urge to serve others at whatever cost." - Arthur Ashe

Safety Tips

  • When spending time outside spray on insect repellant that contains deet.
  • To prevent tick bites, wear light-colored clothing.
  • No running when at the swimming pool.
  • Never leave small kids unsupervised when at the swimming pool.
  • Parents should always check playground swings and slides, to be sure surfaces are not too hot and swing set ropes and chains are secure.
  • Always stay hydrated, drink plenty of water.
  • To protect from sunburn, apply a water-repellant sunscreen that protects against UVA and UVB sun rays every day of the year!

Recertification Reminders

  • Bring completed summary application, income verification, and current gas and electrical utility bill or statement!
  • All family members 18 years of age and above must be present for the recertification interview!
  • When you receive your rent adjustment letter and request to make an appointment to sign your new lease. Call the management office as soon as possible to request your appointment date and time!


  • Please make sure that ALL children are supervised if they are outside.
  • Please be mindful of your neighbors when it comes to loud music and noises.
  • Please make sure to park in one parking spot, as there are not designated parking spots for residents. We need to make sure we have room for all residents to park. Do not park on the grass or double park.
  • All vehicles that have expired tags or are considered to be broken down, flat tires will be towed after a 7-day warning is given.

June 2024 Warrior Calendar

June 1st Rent is Due!
June 5th PEST CONTROL Warrior, Chelsea, Trafford, Dixi Manor, Bradford
June 6th Garbage Collection
June 7th All JCHA Offices are closed on Fridays
June 10th Rent is Late! $25 Late Fee Applied
June 12th PEST CONTROL Dixi Manor-Bradford
June 13th Garbage Collection
June 14th All JCHA Offices are closed on Fridays
June 16th Happy Father's Day
June 19th All JCHA Offices are closed for Juneteenth
June 20th Garbage Collection
June 21st All JCHA Offices are closed on Fridays
June 27th Garbage Collection
June 28th All JCHA Offices are closed on Fridays