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April/May 2020 Garden Gazette Newsletter

For a printable version of the April/May 2020 Garden Gazette Newsletter (which includes all content as listed below), click here.

Garden Gazette Newsletter April and May 2020. All information as listed below

The Spring Gardens Staff would like to let you know that our thoughts and prayers are with each and every one of you during this trying time, of uncertainty for the state and the nation. We all will be glad when we can get back to normal and have ALL of our services available, and the Senior Center opened back up.

We hope that everyone had a good Easter and a great Mother's Day.

Just know that we are here and are concerned about you. We will try to help all that we can, but we too are limited in what we are able to do.

We will be calling to have documents signed, for recertification, and instructions will be included with your documents on returning them to our office.

  1. No inside pest control until further notice
  2. Only emergency work orders are being addressed during the COVID-19 quarantine. When maintenance staff comes to resolve your emergency we asked that you go into another room while they are there.
  3. Rent will be accepted in the "Outside Drop Box" during the hours of 8 AM - 4 PM, Monday Thru Thursday ONLY. You may put documents in the drop box to have copied if you need them for Section 8 or our office for recertification.
  4. Lawn service has started, so please remove anything that may be in your yard (front and back) that would interfere with the service being completed.
  5. DO NOT grill on your back porch. This is a violation of your lease and could result in IMMEDIATE termination of your lease.
  6. The Service Coordinator, Deborah Butler, will be calling concerning reassessments as a HUD requirement.