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Maintenance Tips

About Your Maintenance Needs

Our employees will be glad to assist you with any mechanical or equipment failures that occur. Please call the appropriate number below to report all work orders. 

Answering Service: 205-583-5260
Bessemer AMP: 205-426-8950
Fultondale AMP: 205-849-5416
Warrior AMP: 205-647-9605
Spring Gardens/Hickory Ridge: 205-808-4177

Emergency Work

Emergency Work is broken gas, water, and electrical lines. If you smell gas in your apartment, open the doors and windows, check to see if all burners are shut off and leave your apartment. Go to a neighbor's and call for help.

For water leaks or breaks, cut off the water and begin to dry the floor to prevent water damage to walls and floors. For electrical lines down, do not go near the loose wires and keep children away. For no power in the apartment, make sure the power is not out in the entire project area before you take action.

Maintenance Calls

Please report maintenance problems immediately, do not wait until after 5:00 p.m. All repairs are to be made on the apartments by trained personnel from our staff. You must not make any type of repairs. If you find a dripping faucet, clogged drain, etc., please notify the maintenance office immediately and needed repairs will be made as quickly as possible. You will be required to pay for any damages to your apartment caused by any member of your family or guests.

Extra charges for damages by a willful act of negligence by the resident or any member of his family or guest will be assessed and is collectible in the same manner as rent. Residents are encouraged to take care of their apartment, so it will not be necessary for you to have to pay for damages.