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Fultondale AMP News - Feb 2021

Fultondale amp febuary 2021


Monday thru Thursday 7am to 5pm

Pest Control - Brookside and Red Hollow February 1, 2021 -1st Monday

Pest Control - Fultondale and Hickory Grove February 2, 2021- 1st Tuesday

Drop off documents in the door slot on the front door of the office. Please call to verify that we have received the documentation.

Monday thru Thursday 8am to 4pm

Fultondale AMP
2100 Stoney Brook Lane
Fultondale, Alabama 35068
MAINTENANCE: 205-849-5416


LaTrinda Hoyett, Property Manager - 841-4573

Nikole Davis, Asst. Property Manager - 841-2595

No parking on the grass, no smoking

In order to protect the maintenance staff and resident, the maintenance staff will wear protective masks and gloves while responding to work order requests at your apartment. The tenant must go to another room while staff is present. If you refuse to follow these instructions maintenance must leave, without completing the work.

This is for your protection and the protection of our staff.

All maintenance requests should be called in to maintenance line.

fire extingusher

All fire extinguishers must be reported to the office to ensure they are current with the fire codes. 

Lease Violations

  1. Poor housekeeping
  2. Rent is due every month - not every two months, if not paid your account will go the attorney after the first month.
  3. Unauthorized guest and pets. Unreported income (Fraud)
  4. Community Service hours are due every month. NOT every 3-12 months. 8 Hours per Month. Your lease will not be renewed if you have not fulfilled all 96 hours of community service.


Parents please make sure that your children do not leave their toys and bikes on the sidewalks and scattered around the property, if maintenance sees any bikes, toys or scoters not in the proper place they will be removed. Also, please do not allow your children to play on the ramps on the handicap units, this can cause a trip hazard which could cause injury. Also please supervise your children, some unsupervised children are being destructive on the property. Please do not allow your children to write on the building or sidewalks with chalk. 

Vehicle Repair and Washing

Repairing and washing vehicles are NOT allowed on the property. Wrecked, unregistered tag or inoperable vehicles will be towed off of the property in 7 days.

man washing vehicle

Garbage Cans

After the garbage pickup day (Friday), please pull your garbage can to the back or side of your apartment. They should not stay out on the curb longer than one day after it has been emptied. Your account will be charged $25.00 if your garbage can is not put in the proper place.

Inoperable (not working) Smoke Detectors should be reported to maintenance

If you have a problem with your smoke alarm not working properly or "chirping", please call the maintenance number so that it can be repaired or replaced. If your smoke alarm is found down, we will charge you $25.00.

During the year, the Housing Manager and Maintenance will be assigned to monitor apartments for housekeeping and to make sure all utilities are kept on. Remember that failure to keep all utilities on can result in eviction.


Please contact Mrs. LaTrinda Hoyett to discuss your rent balance if your account is currently past due.

Please mail all rent payments to:
Post Office Box 628
Fultondale, Alabama 35068

For a formatted, printed version of February 2021 Fultondale AMP news (all of which is included above).