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New Branded Logo for JCHA Housing and Development Corp. with Revisions on Existing Jefferson County Housing Authority Logo.

JCHA Housing and Development Corp. was recently branded with a new logo. They are the non-profit division of the Jefferson County Housing Authority. The logo design was created by Brooks Jeffrey Marketing, Inc. ( and will be used with the revised Jefferson County Housing Authority logo, on the new responsive website launching March 2018.


The goal of the new logo design was to incorporate the very familiar icon, typeface, and color of the Jefferson County Housing Authority logo into the new non-profit logo. In addition to the familiar green of the Housing Authority logo, a second color, blue, was also introduced in the logos.The new logos are easily identifiable & easy to read. More importantly, the new logos will be easy to reproduce on a variety of marketing/promotional products to further promote the Housing Authority and its non-profit.


For more information about the new JCHA Housing and Development Corp. and Jefferson County Housing Authority logos, please contact Ken Vaughan, Executive Director, (205) 849-0123 ext 1366 or email.


Click here to view/download press release.

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