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Dec 20th Zoom for Section 8 Prospective & Existing Landlords

Calling All Landlords! This text is coming out of a cartoon bullhorn.

Open House For Section 8 Landlords

Current JCHA Section 8 Landlords or someone who is interested in becoming a JCHA Section 8 Landlord, please Zoom with us. We have two Zoom sessions scheduled on Tuesday, December 20, 2022.

Session Topics:

  • Meet the Section 8 Staff - Put a Face with a Name
  • Review of the Housing Assistance Payment Contract
  • How to Accurately Complete the Necessary Paperwork to Prevent Delays in Processing
  • Reasons Why You Should Post Your Property/Properties on 
  • Encourage Owners to Buy Properties Outside of Poverty Areas
  • Most Common Inspection Deficiencies

The event will answer questions and address concerns that you might have.

We look forward to Zooming with you!

Barbara Carson,
Housing Choice Voucher Supervisor